"Good students are the source of and real treasure of all nations
" (St. Chavara)

We the FCC sisters give importance to education. After the example of our Guru and Master Jesus, we consider education as the integral formation of human person for the fulfillment of his/her individual and social responsibilities.Most of our sisters work for the betterment of tribal, dalit and village people.


"Health is our Wealth"

Understanding the importance of health many of our sisters are engaged in healing ministry. They give medical help through mobile clinic, conduct medical camps, also give herbal medicines. Sisters are engaged in the welfare activities run by the diocese and of our own.


"Kites rise highest, against the wind not with it"(Sir Winston Churchill)

Facing all the challenges, we give equal importance to social service to that of education. In each and every convent there is one sister in-charge of social work. The sisters work in villages, diocesan social work centers, run balawadies, dispensary, tailoring classes and conducts different awareness programmes, SHG's etc. We render free tuitions for weak and poor students. Through all these activities we try to give the values of Jesus to those who do not know Him.


"Be my witness to the people"

Accepting the invitation of our Lord, our sisters in each centre are engaged in catechism, faith formation programmes, and other pastoral works. Few are teaching regular catechism on Sundays, prepare children for confession and Holy communion, work with the youth, conducts and attend prayer meetings, visits the houses pray for the sick and sufferings, helps the poor families, physically, mentally and spiritually needy people. We also give the Holy Bible to the non-christians and share the word of God with them.We celebrate Christmas in all the centers with the support and participation of the people and do direct evangelization through different cultural programmes.

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