Milestones of the Province
22 June 1968 FCC in Koderma Mission, the first HouseAssisiBhawan,Koderma Sr. Lourds Mary,Sr Seraphina reached at Holy Family Hospitalbelongs to Medical mission Sisters
22,Oct. 1968 Holy Family Hospital,Koderma was handed over by Rev. Sr. Carol Hess Medical Mission Sisters with all its facilities to FCC sisters  represented by Mother Maurus the Mother General of Changanacherry.
1, Mar. 1969

Inauguration of Assisi Bhawan,Bokaro. Collaboration with the Jesuits in St. Xavier's School Bokaro with Administration and Teaching Services & Health Care

22June 1970

FCC in Bhagalpur Diocese.Inauguration of AlphonsaBhawan,Deoghar Collaboration with TOR Fathers in St. Francis School Deoghar in teaching

8 June 1971 FCC in Darjeeling Diocese.Inauguration of St. Francis Convent,Bagdogra. Collaboration with Darjeeling Diocese in Good Shepherd School Bagdogra
15 Sept 1972 Inauguration of St. Thomas Bhawan Bhagalpur. Collaboration of TOR Fathers at Mount Assisi School Bhagalpur
6 Nov. 1972 FCC in Patna Diocese.Inauguration of Clarist Convent,Nawadah. Collaboration with Patna Diocese in St. Joseph School NawadahAnd a Dispensary
8, Aug. 1976 Inauguration of the JyotiBhawan,Chirki, Collaboration with Diocese of Bhagalpur in Pastoral Apostolate, Healing Ministry & Education among Santals
15, Aug. 1978 Inauguration of Maria Sadan,Sundermore the second convent among Satals Healing Ministry, Pastoral Apostolate, & Education among Santals
1977 We have started to take few Candidates for come and see programme in our mission for the first time
1979 Started formation in the mission
13, June 1980 Koderma Mission was raised to a Region
13 Sept. 1980 Inauguration of Mission Region in Koderma
1981 started to receive indigenous vocations
2, Jan. 1981 Inauguration of Assisi Bhawan,Hazaribag - The formation House( candidates)
1, Jan 1982 Postulancy started in Koderma with 8 girls from Kerala
1, Jan. 1983 Inauguration of St. Francis Novitiate,Koderma
7, Jan. 1984

The first Batch novices took their first vows

30, Dec. 1984 Inauguration of Assisi Bhawan,Jassidih and a Dispensary
1, July 1985 St. Francis School,Jassidih - The first English Medium School for the Province
30, Oct.1988 FCC Mission among Dalits in Karanpura Valley in Collaboration with the Jesuits of Hazaribag
7, April 1989 Assisi Bhawan,Kumaranalloor -Mission house of the Province in Kerala.
17, Feb. 1990 Inauguration of the Maria Mata Vice- Province.
25, Mar. 1991 A house at Dudhumu for the purpose of Medical, educational and pastoral work among the Sandals
25, July 1992

Inauguration of AlphonsaBhawan, Mahudanr -Education of Candidates at St. Josephs SchoolMahuadanr and teaching in +2

18,March 1993 Maria Mata Vice Provincial House shifted from Koderma to Hazaribag
16, July 1994 Inauguration of Shanti Bhawan,Patra -Grihini School for the Education of the young girls collaboration with Jesuits in Socio Pastoral ministy
30, May 1994 Inauguration of AlphonsaBhawan, Kalamjote
6, April 1994 St. Clare's School was opened in a temporary building at Sahana Complex in Koderma and literacy programme for Illiterate women.
11, June 1995 Inauguration of Asha Bhawan, Kajarkilo -shifted from Dudhumu - with hostel, School and dispensary in collaboration with Jesuits
3, April 1995 Inauguration of Alphonsa School,Kalamjote -The 2nd English Medium School for the Province
15, Dec. 1996 St. Clare's School was shifted to Lokai.
19, Jan 1997 Inauguration of St. Clare's Convent
26, April 1997 Maria Mata Vice - ProvinceKoderma is raised to a Province as Maria Mata Province Hazaribag
22 June 1997      Inauguration of AlphonsaBhawan, Thakurganj - first house in Purnia diocese -School, Dispensary and Hostel
25, Oct. 1998 Inauguration of JyotiNiwas, Dhawaiya-Hostel for the poor Girls and teaching in Mount Fort Brothers School
7, Nov. 2001 Inauguration of AlphonsaBhawan, Ranchi -Study house& transit house for the sisters of Maria Mata Province.& collaboration with Salvatorian Fathers at Divine Xavier School Ranchi from April 2013
14, Dec. 2001 Inauguration of the destitute home, JeevodayaKoderma of Maria Mata Province - on the occasion of the 113th Birth Day of our Congregation
14, April 2002

Inauguration of AlphonsaBhawanMunshibari -to take care of the Pastoral Work and to impart quality education especially to Girls by providing Hostel facilities., teaching apostolate & Dispensary

13,Sept. 2003 Inauguration of AlphonsaBhawan,Jassidhi
9, July 2004 Inauguration of Clara Niwas, Satami - in Purnea Diocese among the Santals, Grihini tanning for illiterate Girls, Dispensary, teaching apostolate, and Girlss Hostel
July 2005 Inauguration of Alphonsa School,Jassidih -The first Hindi Medium School of the Province with a hostel facility
22,Oct. 2005 St. Francis Convent, Puranakesari - The first House in Dumka Diocese. Collaboration with Jesuits of Dumka Diocese in education and Pastoral apostolate
16, May 2007 Inauguration of St. Francis Hospital at Jassidih
13, June 2007 Inauguration of SanjeevanNiwasKhondhar -formation house, Dispensary, teaching
13, July 2007 Inauguration of JyotiNiwas, Kundpani - A centre for Pastoral Apostolate,hostel facilities for Girls among the MCC belt area, teaching & Dispensary
18, Jan. 2008

Inauguration of AlphonsaBhawan, Roh -Collaboration in the education and Socio Pastoral Apostolate under Patna Arch Diocese.

7, Feb. 2008 Inauguration of St. Elizabeth Niwas, Bhagalpur, Teaching in mount Assisi School both English and Hindi Medium
1, July 2008 Inauguration of St. Francis Convent, Dumar collaboration in teaching with the Diocesans 
4, July 2010 Inauguration of AlphonsaNiwas,Salgaposh in Simdega Diocese in teaching ministry and Evangelisation
21,Dec. 2011 Inauguration of AlphonsaNiketan,Churadohar - Centre for Grihani Training, and Teaching Apostolate
22, Nov. 2012 Inauguration of  AlphonsaNiwas, ConventsTilabad. Engaged in in teaching ministry and Evangelisation in Bhagalpur Diocese.
4, Feb. 2014

Announced by Superior General Babupara as a community named as AlphonsaNiketan, Teaching apostolate & Socio Pastoral work in collaboration with Jesuits of Hazaribag Province

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